Rock Collection, 2016-2020
Kate Casanova

This collection of digitally rendered rocks was sourced from free green screen videos on Youtube. In this video, the rocks are organized into smaller sets. Some are grouped based on categories such as ‘asteroids’ or ‘badly rendered rocks.’ Some sets are made up of identically shaped rocks that each have a different skin. Collecting these rocks activates the space between the digital and the real where desire thrives. As with cryptocurrency and social media, the rocks offer the allure of the hunt, the promise of fulfillment, and the satisfaction of calling something one’s own. 

The videos of these rocks also do something else. Like the Youtube generes, Oddly Satisfying and ASMR, the rocks activate a phenomenon akin to synthesia in which the rocks can be felt in the body as much as they are seen with one’s eyes. They are visually tactile and singular in their objectness; they are materially knowable yet utterly ephemeral. In the digital realm, where images and sounds flow like a multidimensional river, these videos function like a vessel that weightlessly guides the viewer into their body, to a place underneath language; a place that offers the humble possibility of pleasure.

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