Kayla Gibbons

“If we wish to remember much [history] we must equip ourselves with a large number of places. It is essential that the places should form a series and must be remembered in their order, so that we can start from any locus in the series and move either backwards or forwards from it… ‘proceeding in either direction from any locus we please.’” —The Art of Memory, Frances A. Yates

Receptor surfaces upon which information is received and impressed, with affinities for anything flat and worked over—palimpsest, wax tablet, chart or map—Loci pairs a hand-lettered sign with ancient masonry walls. Elements architectural in appearance are grafted on the surface, at once concealing and coexisting with earlier information, and through a delicate layering process creating hieroglyphs that appear as mortared surfaces which conceal the voids of earlier structures.

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