Trey Duvall

The thing is a thing or not a thing
The act is an act or not an act
The act must either be an act or not an act
As the thing must be a thing or not a thing

1. Tape 1” pieces of tape on an object to cover completely. Once the object is no longer visible, repeat this action 10 times.

2. Replace your left shoe lace with your right shoe lace. Lace your right shoe with the remaining shoelace.

3. Find an area or object that can raise the altitude of your natural sight line
by 1 & ½ the height of your body. Ascend and descend this object or area
while looking straight ahead. Repeat this action until fatigued, then perform 20 more up/down sequences.

4. Purchase two bags of stone. Remove the contents of bag A and arrange on
floor. Remove contents of bag B and arrange on floor. Replace the contents of Bag B with the contents of bag A, then bag A with the contents of bag B. Return both bags to store where purchased.

5. Arrange a box of Ping-Pong balls according to size.

6. Run a battery-operated drill in your hand until charge is dead while
charging a new battery. Consider the purpose of an unpowered object.

7. Rotate all lightbulbs in any room one fixture to the right.

8. Look for 3 opportunities to rearrange things in ways that have no impact and will remain fully unnoticed.

9. Find the nearest computer printer and access paper drawer. Invert the stack of paper by taking the top sheet and placing it face down in a new pile. Then the next page, then the next, then the following, and the next, and the next. Continue this action until the end of the stack. Replace stack of paper to printer.

10. Walk one step in a straight line for each letter of your full name. Turn 180
degrees and repeat. Turn back 180 degrees. Repeat this action for each year of your age.

11. Transfer any rope, string, or yarn from the spool into a pile. Respool the
rope, string, or yarn starting with the former beginning of the string.

12. Alphabetize all items on a shelf, then return to original locations.

13. Transfer a full pint of water from one identical pint glass to another
identical pint glass. Once water is perfectly still repeat this action.

14. Locate an object that can be inverted without altering its appearance. Invert this object.

15. Separate confetti into distinct color groups. Individually replace groups to
original container being careful not to mix the colors. Shake container. Throw confetti. Repeat process.

16. Wet hands in large container of water. Remain perfectly still until hands are dry.

17. Rotate any package of eggs by moving each egg one space to the left.
Replace package to original location.

18. Fill and freeze an ice cube tray. Remove and allow to thaw completely.
Carefully replace in freezer. Repeat this action until all original water is gone.

19. Sit in a chair perfectly still until your legs fall asleep. Stand. Remain
standing perfectly still until you shift your weight from one leg to another.
Sit back down. Repeat this action.

20. Place a chair facing directly North. Sit perfectly still while facing North for
30 minutes. Turn the chair directly East. Sit perfectly still for 30 minutes
facing East. Turn the chair directly South and sit perfectly still for 30
minutes. Turn the chair directly West. For 30 minutes sit perfectly still.
Return seat to North facing direction.

21. Individually inflate and deflate and entire bag of similar colored balloons.
Return to packaging.

22. Remove an object from bookshelf or retail shelf. Hold in hands for 60 seconds. Replace.

23. Cover one hand completely using an entire roll of tape. Unwrap this hand
by winding the tape on to the unwrapped hand. Repeat until exhaustion.

24. Identify 3 actions requiring time and energy that produce no tangible return. Do or do not do these things.

25. Rotate an object 90 degrees to the left. Repeat every hour.

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